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About Soil Aeration

My tree roots can’t breathe! The soil in your landscape contains many tiny spaces, a bit like a sponge. These spaces are called soil pores. A good quality soil has many different sized pores to...

Self-Help Tree Care

Does my yard need tree fertilizer?

Trees need nutrition, just like we do. When one or more nutrients are deficient, they will not reach their full landscape potential. Poor nutrition can make your trees more susceptible to diseases...

Self-Help Tree Care

The Importance of pH Levels in Soil


Summer is here! One important task of landscape maintenance is managing your soil pH. The pH of your soil, when managed properly can help you succeed in growing the plants you desire. pH levels...

Self-Help Tree Care

How much water does a tree need, and why?

Your lawn and trees need a lot less water than you think. In fact, it's good to let your landscape dry out between irrigating. I know this seems counterintuitive when the goal is to maintain a...