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Tree Diseases

Bacterial Leaf Scorch: How to spot it and what to do about it

Bacterial leaf scorch—or BLS—is a disease that affects many different kinds of trees, including several popular shade trees. Also called bacterial leaf spot, it can slowly kill a tree. The...

Tree Diseases

What is Fire Blight? One of the worst pear and apple tree diseases

Is something not quite right with your pear or apple tree? Do the flowers looks water soaked? Have the twigs turned black, shriveled up, and formed the shape of a shepherd’s crook? Do your once...

Tree Diseases

Oak wilt disease: What you need to know about it

Oak wilt. It's nasty. Highly contagious. Fast-acting. Deadly. A tree disease that's been around for a little over 50 years and is wiping out oak trees across the country.