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Wendy, Emily, and the Mimosa Tree

By: Lacey Russell, PhD | May 3rd, 2018

Her father tried to mow it over several times but the tree persisted, always raising its head above the lawn to try and realize its full potential, to be a tree!  Finally, her dad gave up his crusade to kill this volunteer, and let it grow to become a tree. It didn’t take long before it had formed a sturdy trunk and branches just low enough for Wendy and her sister to climb.  The girls spent many hours in the tree, watching butterflies visit its fragrant flowers, telling stories, or just relaxing-making memories.

When Wendy and her sister grew up and moved away from home, the tree’s life had run its course.  Having spread many seed through the years and provided a place for kids to play, its job was done.  Wendy’s dad finally cut down the once volunteer seedling and now dying tree that planted itself in their lawn.

Another mimosa tree in Oklahoma became a place of refuge and play for a young girl.  Emily remembers climbing to her “sitting spot” in the mimosa tree where two branches came together to form a little seat.  She would sit and read many books in her special place, her mind relaxed and open to the adventures that lay inside the pages of her books.  As an adult she still finds refuge from the stresses of everyday life under (or in) a tree. Sitting near them takes her back to her childhood, when things were simpler; when a sitting spot in a tree and a good book were all you needed.

Mimosa trees are fast growing, short-lived tropical trees that volunteers itself all over warm climates.  Some see them as pests, while others enjoy the beautiful flowers that smell so nice during early summer. The flowers also attract many butterflies.  Whatever your opinion of mimosa trees, their unique tropical look amongst hardwoods and pines and their unforgettable flowers have left fond memories in the minds of many people in warm climates.